High Profile Solicitations

Restrictions on Communication and Prohibited Campaign Contributions (Black Out Period)

Some solicitations are subject to restrictions on who you can communicate with regarding the solicitation, and prohibitions on campaign or office holder contributions during the blackout period. Violating these rules can lead to disqualification of your submission.

Prohibited Campaign Contributions

Notice Regarding Prohibition on Campaign or Officeholder Contributions for Individuals and Entities Seeking High-Profile Contracts. Under Section 2-309 of the Municipal Campaign Finance Code, the following are prohibited from making a campaign or officeholder contribution to any member of City Council, candidate for City Council or political action committee that contributes to City Council elections beginning on the *10th business day after a contract solicitation has been released through the 30th calendar day following the approval by City Council (“blackout” period):

  1. Any individual seeking a high-profile contract;
  2. Any owner, officer, officer of board, and executive committee member of an entity seeking a high-profile contract, excluding board officers and executive committee members of 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4) and 501(c)(6) non-profit organizations not created or controlled by the City whose board service is done strictly as a volunteer with no financial compensation and no economic gain from the non-profit entity;
  3. The legal signatory of the high-profile contract;
  4. Any attorney, lobbyist or consultant hired or retained to assist the individual or entity in seeking a high-profile contract;
  5. Subcontractors hired or retained to provide services under the high-profile contract; and
  6. Any first-degree member of the household of any person listed in (1), (2), (3) or (5) of this subsection.

A high-profile contract cannot be awarded to the individual or entity if a prohibited contribution was made by any of these individuals during the “blackout” period.

Restrictions on Communications

In accordance with and as authorized by Section 2-61 of the City Code, the following restrictions on communications apply to City solicitations: Respondents are prohibited from contacting 1) City officials, as defined by §2-62 of the City Code of the City of San Antonio, regarding the proposal/bid from the time the solicitation has been released until the contract is posted for consideration as an agenda item during a meeting designated as an A session; and 2) City employees from the time the proposal/bid has been released until the contract is approved at a City Council “A” session.

Restrictions extend to “thank you” letters, phone calls, emails and any contact that results in the direct or indirect discussion of the proposal/bid submitted by Respondent.

Violation of this provision by Respondent and/or its agent may lead to disqualification of Respondent’s proposal/bid from consideration.

For additional information, see the section of this solicitation document entitled “Restrictions on Communication”.

“This Restriction on Communications does not apply to solicitations that are not intended to result in the direct award of a contract. If the solicitation document you are reviewing does not contain a section entitled Restrictions on Communications then this prohibition does not apply to that solicitation.”

Note to Potential Bidders

It is solely the bidder's responsibility to check this website, CIVCAST, and the SAePS Portal for updates and addenda to solicitations. Bidder's failure to respond to all requirements may result in the rejection of the bid/response.

Note: The City of San Antonio will only accept bid/proposal submissions electronically, unless specified otherwise in the solicitation document. Also, bid openings and pre-submittal meetings, if applicable, will be conducted via WebEx. Please refer to the solicitation document for further information.

A High Profile contract is defined as a discretionary solicitation with a total estimated contract value of $1 million or more (contract value includes initial term and all potential extensions), or a discretionary solicitation that is likely to garner high community interest, or the service, type of contract, or procurement is highly complex or technical in nature, or contact terms and conditions are non-standard or complex.