Become a Vendor

Become a Vendor with SAePS

Register with the San Antonio e-Procurement System (SAePS) to submit a bid/proposal for City solicitations involving goods & supplies, professional services, and other services (janitorial, landscaping, electrical, plumbing, HVAC).

NOTE: The SAePS Portal is best viewed using Internet Explorer. Other recommended browsers include Edge, Chrome and FireFox.

Begin Registration Process

Step 1.Getting Started

Only one account is allowed per vendor and only one e-mail address can be designated for bid notifications and password resets. Please make sure that this e-mail address belongs to the person who is best able to respond directly to solicitations or distribute the information to the appropriate person in the company.

Step 2.What You Need to Know

You will need to include the following information.

  • Company Details
    • D-U-N-S Number (optional)
    • Federal Tax ID
  • Administration Contact Details
    • All procurement communications including bid solicitations will be sent to this contact.
    • Only one User ID can be used per vendor. Setting up a general email address is recommended for multi-use.
  • Address Details

You will also need to accept the Data Privacy Statement.

Step 3.Complete Request

New Vendor Registration

Step 4.What Happens Next

  • You will receive two confirmations that the first step of vendor registration is complete:
    • System will display a Vendor Submission Confirmation message when you submit the pre-registration form.
    • Vendor Support will send your SAePS logon credentials within 48 business hours.
      • Before we send your credentials, we validate your Tax ID against IRS records and confirm that you do not already have a vendor profile in SAePS.
  • Once logged into the portal, you will need to update some important information. Please refer to the second tab.

Finish Registration Process

Step 1.Getting Started

These instructions are for updating your vendor information in the SAePS Portal. If you do not have a SAePS login, please refer to the first tab.

NOTE: Only one account is allowed per vendor and only one e-mail address can be designated for bid notifications and password resets.

Important Information to Update

  • Password
  • Security Question & Answer
  • Vendor Profile
  • NIGP Codes

Step 2.What You Need to Know

Set Up Your Password

  • After pre-registration, you will receive an email with a temporary password and your SAePS User ID (also referred to as your Supplier ID).
  • When you log in the first time, you will be prompted to change your password.
  • Password requirements - Your new password must contain:
    • 8-10 characters
    • 1 uppercase letter
    • 1 lowercase letter
    • 1 number
    • 1 special character

Security Question & Answer

  • You will be able to reset your password at any time if you set up a security question.      
    • Should you forget your password, you can use the Get Support link on the SAePS portal to reset it with this Security Question and Answer.
  • The contact information below the Security Question and Answer will only receive email for password resets.

Vendor Profile

All questions must be completed to be a fully registered vendor with the City of San Antonio.

  • Some information is pre-populated based on your initial registration. (Questions 1 - 13)
    • To update this information, send an email to Vendor Support and include the last four digits of your Tax ID number.
  • If you have been certified by the South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency (SCTRCA), some questions will be pre-populated. (Questions 14 - 17 and 21a - 21i)
    • If you are registered through the SCTRCA and these questions are not populated, verify that the Tax ID used at the SCTRCA and on SAePS are the same.
  • Please complete all remaining questions.
    • Make sure to enter N/A in any field that does not pertain to you
    • You must complete the Vendor Information tab all at once. If you only complete half of it and save it, you will have to redo it when you return back to the tab.
    • Once you complete the required fields, click Save. Make sure you wait for a message giving you a successful save.

NIGP Codes

National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP) codes define the products and services that a vendor provides. Vendors automatically receive COSA solicitations based on the NIGP codes that they register for in SAePS.

  • You can have as many NIGP codes that match your company’s products/services.
    • Please only select the commodities your company can provide.
    • Each 5-digit code will consist of the 3-digit class number followed by the 2-digit item number. 
  • You are able to add or delete NIGP codes at any time.
  • Find your NIGP Codes:

Step 3.Complete Request

Login to SAePS

Step 4.What Happens Next

Find Bidding and Contract Opportunities.

Become a Vendor with CIVCAST

Register with CIVCAST to submit a bid for City solicitations involving a public work, such as construction, architecture, and engineering.

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