Association & Organization Registry

Neighborhood Associations & Community Organization

The City of San Antonio maintains a registry of associations and organizations in San Antonio. 

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NOTE: The content of this listing is provided by registrants. The City of San Antonio does not guarantee completeness, accuracy, usefulness, or timeliness, nor does the City verify bylaws or information provided by registrants. This listing is voluntary and not a legally binding record. The City assumes no responsibility or liability for errors or omissions in the content of this listing.


The City and the general public use the registry in many ways. Some benefits include:

  • Receive news from the City and Council Offices
  • Receive notice about nearby development (zoning, planning, historic designations, etc.)
  • See reports on calls for police service in the area
  • Enjoy no cost reservations for meeting space at City libraries
  • Get invitations to special City events and programs
  • Lets residents find and join groups
  • Lets developers connect with groups about projects 

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Neighborhood associations are groups of residents who organize to meet specific goals. They improve and maintain the quality of life in their neighborhood.

Homeowner associations are not-for-profit groups that require membership for all or most of the property owners.

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Community Organizations

Community organizations are voluntary, not-for-profit groups. They can be city-wide organizations such as a:

  • governmental or public service agency
  • board or commission
  • council district neighborhood alliance
  • group representing the needs of special populations

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Renewal Process

Registered groups must renew their registration at least once every twelve (12) months. This is in accordance with the City’s Association and Organization Registry Policy. To renew:

  1. Check the registry to see the month and year your group was last updated.
  2. Use the correct registry form to renew your group.

NOTE: The City may remove an association or organization from the registry if it has not been renewed in the past twelve (12) months. Once removed from the registry, a group will not receive City notices. Groups may re-register at any time.