Communications and Engagement Staff

Director's Office

  • Director, Alanna Reed
  • Assistant Director, Laura Elizabeth Mayes
    • Oversees: TVSA & Engagement
  • Assistant Director, Brian Chasnoff
    • Interim Assignment to Public Works
  • Chief of Staff, Di Galvan
    • Oversees: Open Government
  • Chief Communications Officer, Michelle Vigil
    • Oversees: Communications & Creative Services
  • PR and Marketing Manager, Ryan Loyd
    • Oversees: Ready to Work
  • Executive Secretary, Annette Carrillo

Organization Chart(PDF, 5MB)



  • Communications Manager, Luke Simons
    • Public Engagement Officer, Nicole Chavez
    • Public Engagement Officer, Fabio Ramalho
    • Public Engagement Officer, Emily Garcia

Creative Services

  • Creative Services Manager, Melanie Morales
    • Special Projects Manager – Web Designer, Rene Avila
    • Design Communications Coordinator, Jay Reyna
    • City Photographer, Fred Gonzales
    • Photography Intern, Xandr Fernandez


  • Engagement Manager, Esteban Garza  
    • Senior Management Coordinator, Melissa Escamilla
    • Neighborhood Engagement Officer, Becca Hurliman
    • Neighborhood Engagement Officer, Khaila Barrett

Open Government

  • Senior Special Projects Manager, Moraima Mcgraw
    • Administrative Assistant, Jessica Guevara Lesher
    • Paralegal Records & Redactions, Jennifer Young
    • Paralegal Records & Redactions, Eric Schultz
    • Paralegal Records & Redactions, Maria Flores
    • Audio/Video Specialist Records & Redactions, Noelia Torres
    • Audio/Video Specialist Records & Redactions, Sharee Walker
    • Audio/Video Specialist Records & Redactions, John Trevino
    • Audio/Video Specialist Records & Redactions, Francisco Martinez
    • Paralegal Customer Outreach & Compliance, Ruby Hernandez
    • Paralegal Customer Outreach & Compliance, Jesse Ruiz
    • Paralegal Customer Outreach & Compliance, Ana Castillo-Aponte


  • TVSA Manager, David McElroy
    • AV Production Supervisor, Cliff Brannon
    • TV Programming Coordinator, Frank Burns
    • Associate Video Producer, Homero Saenz
    • Associate Video Producer, Joe Sandoval
    • Video Production Technician, Julian Reyna
    • AV Production Supervisor, Roseann Garcia
    • Senior Video Producer, Leon Burns
    • Senior Video Producer, Francisco Navarro
    • Associate Video Producer, Daniel Gallegos
    • Multi-Media Art & Content Engineer, Eric Stefanic
    • Multi-Media Art & Content Engineer, Fernando Martinez
    • Field Production Intern, Tim Ramos