CPAT Workshops and Timed Runs

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A CPAT workshop is an opportunity for the candidate to practice/train on the actual CPAT course. CPAT workshops are offered to those candidates who have ranked between 1-500 on the entrance exam. Candidates must come in CPAT dress attire and may work on individual events or on the entire course as a whole. Workshops are only for applicants ranked #1 thru #500.

Items Required

  • Valid Driver's License
  • Proper Attire
    • Full Length t-shirt with sleeves (no cut-off's)
    • Shoes must cover toes and heels
    • No jewelry allowed to include, earrings, watches, or any other jewelry will be permitted.

Leave all valuables in your vehicle. Helmets, gloves and weight vests will be provided.

Mandatory Timed Run

A CPAT Timed Run is a practice run through of the actual CPAT course. You will be timed and proctored during your CPAT Timed Run so you can have a better understanding of things you may or may not need to work on. Timed Run is mandatory unless you signed a waiver at the CPAT orientation. You must attend at least 1 mandatory timed.

NOTE: Timed Run spots will be posted once they are ready for release.

Should you have further questions contact SAFD Applicant Processing office at 210-207-8428.