A line of cars parked in front of the alamodome

Weapon Exchange Program

Date: Sunday, November 19 at 12 p.m.
Location: Alamodome - Lot B, 100 Montana St, San Antonio, TX (Directions)

To engage in and promote safer homes, District 9 will host a Voluntary Gun Exchange event. 

This public health and public safety event will provide residents with an opportunity to safely dispose of their unwanted firearms and, in turn, reduce the risk of suicide, potential for an accidental discharge or wrongdoing in a home or on our city streets. 

Residents will leave the unloaded weapons with the safety on in the trunk or rear of their vehicle. A law enforcement officer will carefully remove the firearms, and the resident will then collect an H-E-B gift card while supplies last. 

You can also support the voluntary gun exchange program by making a tax-deductible monetary donation to the Safe Weapons Exchange and Education Transfer (SWEET) Fund.The purpose of the fund is to support community organizations who are involved in providing safe weapons exchange programs to prevent and reduce violence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen to my weapon once I turn it in?

Most guns will be destroyed, unless it is found to be stolen. If stolen, the gun will be returned to original owner by SAPD 

Where do I keep my weapon when I turn it in? 

Keep weapon(s) unloaded with the safety on, and in the trunk or rear of vehicle. An SAPD officer will retrieve it, secure it and give you a color-coded card signifying the amount it will be exchanged for. 

What kind of gift card will I received?

An HEB gift card.

How many weapons can I bring?

Each vehicle will be limited to  up to 20 weapons at the SA Voluntary Weapons Exchange.

Are ‘ghost guns’ eligible for exchange?

A ghost gun is considered an untraceable weapon commonly bought online and assembled at home. For this program, they will be considered ‘home manufactured’ and will be valued at $50.  

A 3D printed gun is also considered a ‘ghost gun’ that is made wholly or partially of plastic parts manufactured by a 3D printer. SAPD reserves the right to reasonably reduce or deny Gift-cards for individuals attempting to abuse the exchange by turning in large quantities of 3D printed weapons.  

It is considered illegal to be in possession of or alter the original serial number of a firearm.  

Are gun parts or ammunition eligible?

Gun parts or ammunition will not be compensated, however; they may be turned over to SAPD for safe disposal.

Can any member of the public participate?


Do I need to show any identification to drop off a firearm?


What do you hope to accomplish with this event?

The goal of this event is to reduce the number of unwanted firearms from the community and raise awareness about responsible gun ownership. 

Will there be more events like this in the future?

We would love to have multiple events like this; however, we will make that determination after we analyze how the first event goes.

NOTE: SAPD reserves the right to refuse to accept any weapons on the day of the event.