Talkin' Broadway

Big changes are happening on Broadway. Now, anyone can learn more by scanning and texting. The City of San Antonio is excited to announce the launch of Talkin’ Broadway. This is a chatbot prototype that allows residents to ask questions, get answers and provide feedback about the 2017 bond project on Lower Broadway.

Talkin’ Broadway provides information to:

  • people visiting Broadway
  • residents interested in the bond project
  • business owners who want construction updates

This initiative is one of several pilots made possible under the City’s Smart Cities Roadmap and Smarter Together! initiative. Talkin' Broadway will be tested for a year before its use in other projects to raise awareness in the city.

How Talkin' Broadway Works

It's easy to use and you can stay anonymous.

Signs are available at various locations along the lower Broadway corridor. You can interact with them in two ways:

  • Scan the QR code.
  • Text Hello Broadway for English or Hola Broadway for Spanish to 210-802-2265.

You can also talk to the chatbot prototype online:
Chat Now 

When you engage with Talkin' Broadway, you can chat about:

  • construction updates
  • project schedules
  • small businesses
  • City staff contact information
  • other project details 

The system is currently accessible in both English and Spanish. Future iterations could host other language translations.

Improving Decision Making

This initiative does more than inform the public. It also helps local decision-makers understand what the public wants. The platform collects community insights in real time. The data collected anonymously will help the City serve the community better.

The City is dedicated to using smart city technology to create accessible solutions. Learn more about the City’s Smart Cities Roadmap.

To learn more about the Broadway improvement project, visit SASpeakUp.