Project Dashboards

The following dashboards provide a searchable database for infrastructure projects. The Bond Projects Dashboard includes information for all 2017 and 2022 bond projects. The other dashboards include information about projects in the current 5-year maintenance program and other capital projects.

By the Numbers

The City has allocated $2.6 billion in infrastructure improvements in the last three bond cycles alone. The 2022 Bond Program is the largest in the City’s history:

  • $1.2 billion
  • 182 infrastructure projects
  • 41% larger than the 2017-2022 bond

Learn more about the 2022 Bond Program.

Bond Projects

Bond projects invest in infrastructure improvements to:

  • Streets, bridges and sidewalks
  • Parks, recreation and open spaces
  • Drainage and flood control
  • Library and cultural facilities
  • Public safety facilities such as fire and police stations

Updated construction timelines are provided for each project. It also includes budget and contact information and other data.

Bond Projects Dashboard

Stormwater Drainage

Stormwater Drainage projects alleviate street and property flooding. 

Stormwater Drainage Improvement projects are a part of the City’s capital budget. They are primarily funded from the Storm Water Regional Facilities Fund and Storm Water Operating Fund.

Stormwater Drainage Dashboard


The City of San Antonio maintains, rehabilitates or reconstructs more than 4,200 miles of streets throughout the city. That’s about the distance from San Antonio to Iceland. 

Streets Dashboard


The City of San Antonio’s Sidewalk Program makes sidewalks more connected and usable. It fills in gaps and repairs unusable sections. Priority is given to complete gaps in areas that will improve pedestrian safety and are close to schools, transit access and health facilities. 

Sidewalks Dashboard


The City of San Antonio has two types of alleys: service and non-service. Service alleys are used by Solid Waste Management to collect trash and recycling. Utility companies also use them. 

Alleys Dashboard