Sustainability-themed community mural unveiled in District 5

Published on November 15, 2023

City of San Antonio Sustainability Department  

The community helped create the mural through public input sessions and paint days

SAN ANTONIO (November 15, 2023) —  The City of San Antonio has partnered with San Anto Cultural Arts to create a sustainability-themed community mural in the heart of the city, unveiled and dedicated in District 5 on November 15 at 627 N. Colorado St., 78207.

A community-based approach was utilized in the mural’s creation, which included a series of public input sessions to help the muralist understand what citizens found most important when contemplating the future of sustainability.

Local artist Diana Rocha and her assistant Raisa Melendez brought this vision to life, while the community remained involved throughout the process by participating in three public paint days.

“As we received feedback from our residents and representatives, the design was iterated and evolved into what it is now,” Rocha said.

Inspired by the pages from a comic book, the mural illustrates visions from the community – potential benefits if we continue toward sustainability and the potential downfall of choosing a less climate-friendly path.

“We stayed true to the idea that even the smallest effort can make a difference,” Rocha said. “Whether it’s picking up trash at your local park, recycling, taking public transportation and riding your bike, or having a vegetable garden of your own – all these things can help sustain our future.”