Mayor and Bexar County Judge to Bring Together Public Safety Officials

Published on September 07, 2023

Bexar County Judge Sakai Office of the Mayor Ron Nirenberg     

SAN ANTONIO (Sep. 7, 2023) — In light of recent shootings of San Antonio Police officers, Mayor Ron Nirenberg and Bexar County Judge Peter Sakai today announced that they will bring together county and city law enforcement, the judiciary and appropriate stakeholders to discuss issues surrounding these incidents and develop approaches to reducing these types of events in our community. 

“Public safety is the priority for everyone in Bexar County, including law enforcement personnel, the judiciary, and all our residents. Working together, we need to come up with approaches to this complicated issue. Our judiciary and law enforcement are committed to addressing our challenges, and most importantly, reducing the violence we’re currently experiencing in our community,” said Judge Sakai.

“It is always unacceptable when a violent crime is committed against any resident, particularly by repeat violent offenders. This is unfortunately a complex issue, but it is one we must address collaboratively and immediately,” said Mayor Nirenberg.

The Mayor and Judge will soon convene public safety and criminal justice officials, including San Antonio Police Chief William McManus, Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar, District Attorney Joe Gonzales, City Manager Erik Walsh, County Manager David Smith, City Attorney Andy Segovia and Criminal District Judge Ron Rangel.