Downtown spring break visitors should plan ahead

Published on March 08, 2024

City of San Antonio Center City Development and Operations Department 

March 16-17 will be especially busy

SAN ANTONIO (March 8, 2024) — Downtown San Antonio will welcome thousands of visitors for spring break over the coming weeks. Visitors are strongly encouraged to plan ahead and arrive early to downtown events to avoid expected disruptions related to traffic, construction projects and parking. The weekend of March 16-17 will be especially busy. 

Visitors should consider using public transportation or ride-share, biking, walking, or consulting a navigation and traffic app, such as Waze or Google Maps. Visitors who choose to drive should give themselves plenty of time, plan where they will park in advance and enter the address of the parking facility as their destination address in the navigation app. Please celebrate responsibly and plan a sober ride.


The City of San Antonio offers convenient and affordable parking at its parking garages and lots. The St. Mary’s Garage (205 E. Travis St.) and the City Tower Garage (117 W. Commerce St.) are located just steps from the River Walk and Houston Street, and they generally have a large availability of public parking spaces. 

A map showing a full list of City-owned garages and lots can be found on the City’s SAPark website. Please note that parking event rates will be in effect at most parking facilities from March 8 (evening) through March 17.

Downtown Tuesday offers free parking on Tuesdays from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. in City-owned parking facilities, and City Tower Sundays offers free parking on Sundays from 7 a.m. to midnight at the City Tower Garage (117 W. Commerce St.).