District 3 Office Joins Food Bank for Southside Tradition

Published on March 12, 2024

Council District 3 Phyllis Viagran    

SAN ANTONIO (March 12, 2024) – The District 3 Office, the San Antonio Food Bank, the National Park Service, and the City’s Parks and Recreation Department are collaborating on a monumental initiative with the local community to plant 500 trees and 200 nopales as part of a sustainable agriculture project.

In addition to replicating traditional farming methods, this initiative aims to address food security and enhance urban canopy in the region. Through the dedicated efforts of volunteers and partners, the project successfully harvested thousands of pounds of collard greens and cabbage. 

"We wouldn’t have been able to do this without the help of our volunteers and community leaders,” the Food Bank’s Director of Food Sustainability Mitch Hagney said. “Planting perennial crops is important to us at the Food Bank because reducing food security while increasing our urban canopy is commitment to the far future." 

The District 3 Office continues to prioritize sustainability and looks forward to further community engagement initiatives that will benefit the environment and the well-being of residents.

For more information on the San Antonio Food Bank and their initiatives, please visit their website.