District 2 Office Announces Preparation for New Mural

Published on March 07, 2024

Council District 2 Jalen Mckee-Rodriguez   

SAN ANTONIO (February 21, 2024) — Today, as a result of a Council Consideration Request filed by Councilman Jalen McKee-Rodriguez and ongoing efforts by the City to facilitate a comprehensive and coordinated approach to public safety, City Manager Erik Walsh announced the Office of Integrated Community Safety. The District 2 Councilman issued the following statement in celebration of its creation:

“The step of establishing this office signals that the City is committed to enhancing community safety by engaging in it holistically and leading the charge to address social conditions that contribute to crime.

“We know that crime is a symptom of societal ailments such as poverty, limited access to housing, transportation, and economic opportunity, as well as decades of underinvestment in our most vulnerable communities. We anticipate positive results this office will achieve as it works collaboratively alongside our City departments on the Violence Prevention Strategic Plan, the Violent Crime Reduction Plan, the Good Neighbor Program, the Neighborhood Safety Program Assessment, and other Public Safety Data Analysis. 

“Since elected in 2021, I have implored the City to engage permanently with criminologists who can provide ongoing feedback and support for the services, programs, and initiatives our residents rely on most. We welcome Maria Vargas and are eager to work with and learn from her.”