District 2 And 7 Council Members Propose Citywide Traffic Analysis

Published on September 19, 2023

Council District 2 Jalen Mckee-Rodriguez  Council District 7 Marina Alderete Gavito

SAN ANTONIO (October 19, 2023) - Councilman Jalen McKee-Rodriguez and Councilwoman Marina Alderete-Gavito filed a Council Consideration Request (CCR) for a city-wide traffic analysis. Its purpose is to identify traffic patterns across the City to help with strategic deployment of traffic mitigation measures in response to such issues as congestion, speeding and to enhance safe vehicle and pedestrian mobility. 

“A city-wide traffic analysis is long overdue,” Councilman McKee-Rodriguez said. “As our city rapidly grows, we must remain proactive in solutions for our most pressing issues. Some of the largest needs our constituents request help with include traffic congestion, pedestrian safety, and traffic calming measures. This policy proposal will begin the process to best understand current and future traffic patterns for strategic implementation of City projects and resources used to mitigate consistent traffic-related issues,” 

 “District 7 has consistently heard from neighborhood associations in each corner of the district that speeding is a major concern,” Councilwoman Marina Alderete Gavito said. “From discussions with neighbors to the Chief of Police, I have placed a priority on the safety of our neighborhoods – especially concerning the growing issue of speeding and enforcement. Traffic calming solutions are needed at the macro level and we have been actively communicating this to our Public Works Department. Hopefully, this study will point us toward solutions to enhance our neighborhoods’ safety.”

The Council Consideration Request was filed on October 19, 2023 with supporting signatures from Councilmembers Sukh Kaur (District 1), Melissa Cabello - Havrda (District 6), and John Courage (District 9). The next step in the process is a hearing of a staff recommendation at the next available Governance Committee meeting at a date to be determined.