District 10 Councilman is deeply grieved by the recent vandalism

Published on December 13, 2023

Council District 10 Clayton Perry   

SAN ANTONIO (December 12, 2023) - Councilman Whyte is deeply grieved at the act of vandalism that occurred over the weekend at Blessed Angels Community Center. On Monday morning, staff discovered the center's back gate forcibly opened, and two out of their four vehicles had been vandalized—missing tires, broken windows, and attempts to remove car batteries were evident. 

The Community Center not only provides local activities, but it has a vital role in the community by transporting weekly food assistance to needy families. However, this recent incident has cast uncertainty over their original plans for an additional toy drive scheduled for this Friday. “Vandalism not only damages physical structures,” Councilman Whyte said, “but it can also leave a lasting impact on the community’s sense of security and safety.” 

The San Antonio Police Department advises the public to remain vigilant by securing house doors, cars, and windows, and to avoid displaying valuable items in the open especially during the holiday season. Those able to lend a hand to the community center can donate on the Blessed Angels website.