D3 Councilmember Lauds Senior Compliance Assistance Pilot Program

Published on November 13, 2023

Council District 3 Phyllis Viagran   

District 3 Councilmember Lauds Senior Compliance Assistance Pilot Program: Providing additional district specific funds

SAN ANTONIO (November 13, 2023) — Today, the Planning and Community Development Committee moved forward by approving a groundbreaking $100,000 pilot program aimed to protect San Antonio’s senior population. Funding will be allocated equally per council district. This initiative is designed to provide essential support to vulnerable senior property owners and tenants, aged 65 and above and/or disabled, who are facing financial challenges from receiving a citation after a notice of violation has been issued for specific code violations pertaining to the following: 

  • Lawn and alley maintenance (Overgrown grass/weeds, trash/debris/rubbish, and outside placement)
  • Tree trimming or removal when determined by Code Enforcement that the tree poses a hazard

Councilwoman Viagran expressed her enthusiasm for the program, highlighting its importance in ensuring the well-being of our aging population. During the meeting, she contributed an additional $5,000 of district specific City Council Project Funds (CCPF) to the program to further assist District 3 seniors facing code violations. 

“Ensuring that our aging District 3 senior property owners and tenants, who may be physically unable to maintain their yards, can access the assistance needed to create a healthier and safer living space without the added financial burden or risk of injury," Councilwoman Viagran said. “Its programs like this that allow District 3 seniors to ‘age in place,’ as some seniors are not always able to keep up with the independent lifestyle.”

This pilot program reflects the city's dedication to fostering a compassionate and inclusive community, where the needs of our senior citizens are not just acknowledged but actively addressed. By proactively tackling issues related to property maintenance, the city aims to create an environment where seniors can age with dignity and in the comfort of their own homes.

This program is intended for those individuals who are physically incapable and demonstrate a financial need. The applicant must reside at the physical property address and must be located within city limits. Eligibility for funding would apply per household and be available twice a year in a rolling 12-month period. The average cost of abatement for a single-family residence is approximately $700. For more information on the pilot program and its implementation, please contact the City’s Development Services Department, and the District 3 office.