D10 Councilman voices FY25 Budget priorities

Published on April 18, 2024

Council District 10 Clayton Perry   

SAN ANTONIO (April 18, 2024) – During today's FY2025 Budget Goal Setting Session, Councilmember Whyte outlined his priorities emphasizing public safety, infrastructure, support for small businesses, dedicating a line item for CPS Energy, and advocating for a Zero-Base Budget. "To ensure the success of this budget process,” the Councilmember said, “prioritizing public safety is imperative, and I support the gradual addition of 260 police officers over the next four years.”

The Councilmember also underscored the importance of funding for various infrastructure programs, such as the Infrastructure Management Program (IMP), the Capital Improvement Program (CIP), and Neighborhood Accessibility and Mobility (NAMP), highlighting their significance in enhancing the quality of life for residents. “These programs play a crucial role in improving our communities by addressing basic city services like streets, sidewalks, and neighborhood association facility maintenance, which are essential for our residents' well-being, and have an immediate impact.” 

Regarding CPS Energy funding, Councilman Whyte stressed the necessity of including a dedicated budget line to mitigate future rate hikes, asserting the City Council's responsibility in addressing this issue for the benefit of residents. “We need to offset these rate hikes and reinvest in CPS Energy. The only way to prevent these rate hikes is the will of this City Council to take action. We owe it to our neighbors.” 

Looking ahead, he emphasized the implementation of a Zero-Based Budget (ZBB) for FY27, aiming to enhance accountability and transparency in budget allocation. "A Zero-Based Budget offers an opportunity to allocate taxpayer dollars efficiently, ensuring optimal return on investment for residents.” 

Councilman Whyte also highlighted his optimism for the current budget cycle's positive impact on residents, while acknowledging room for improvement and his commitment to advocating for the needs of District 10.