D10 Councilman echoes concerns over Migrant Resource Centers’ fate

Published on March 07, 2024

Council District 10 Clayton Perry   

SAN ANTONIO (March 7, 2024) – Today, San Antonio City Council discussed the future of the Migrant Resource Center in light of the uncertainty surrounding future federal funding. While to date, the City has not used any general fund dollars, Councilman Whyte profoundly disagrees with any potential use of City money to cover the cost of migrant services here in San Antonio.

“The majority of migrants travelling to our City,” Councilman Whyte said, “are no doubt good people who deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. However, our citizens expect their tax dollars to be used on San Antonians, and we must prioritize our people over all others. I do not want to see us get ourselves into a situation where our basic city services will be compromised because we are funding migrant services here in our city.” 

The Councilman then noted the need for improved streets and drainage around the City, along with the need for increased resources for our public safety personnel.