City of San Antonio Garners Bronze Medal by CityHealth

Published on December 21, 2022

City of San Antonio Metropolitan Health District Logo

Recognition given for implementing policies that impact residents’ health and quality of life

SAN ANTONIO (December 21, 2022) – The City of San Antonio was recognized with an overall bronze medal by CityHealth for passing policies that improve the health and well-being of its residents and address health disparities across the most marginalized communities.
“Health policy is not stagnant,” says San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg. “CityHealth continues to push the envelope to ensure that we’re helping communities thrive.”
In 2022, CityHealth updated and enhanced its policy package to make sure that its work continues to resonate with cities, aligns with the latest evidence, promotes health and racial equity, and has bipartisan appeal. CityHealth expanded its ranking criteria from nine health and quality of life categories in 2021 to 12 in 2022. CityHealth also expanded its scope from rating the nation’s largest 40 cities to evaluating the largest 75. In 2021, San Antonio earned a gold medal from CityHealth under its former ranking system.
In 2022, CityHealth awarded the City of San Antonio the following:

  • Overall medal: Bronze
  • Affordable housing trusts: Gold
  • Eco-friendly purchasing: Bronze
  • Greenspace: Gold
  • Healthy food purchasing: Bronze
  • High-quality accessible pre-kindergarten: Gold
  • Smoke-free indoor air: Gold

“The City of San Antonio and Metro Health continue its commitment with regards to shaping policies that improve the quality of life for residents,” says Metro Health Director Claude Jacob. “This national recognition is a true validation as we implement the SA Forward Plan for the betterment of the overall community. I am proud of our city’s leadership, staff and community partners who develop and adopt policies that address health disparities in San Antonio and across Bexar County.”