Animal Care Services Introduces Online Registry of Dangerous Dogs

Published on December 01, 2023

City of San Antonio Animal Care Services Department   

SAN ANTONIO (December 1, 2023) – The City of San Antonio’s Animal Care Services (SAACS) introduced a searchable dangerous dog registry that details where legally deemed “dangerous dogs” are located. The online tool lists the specific address in addition to the number of dangerous dogs at the location. The registry is located online at: There are currently more than 100 dogs deemed “dangerous” in San Antonio. The map will be updated as cases occur and includes the address of all active dangerous dogs as well as the number of dogs designated per address.

“The City of San Antonio’s Dangerous Dog Registry allows us to keep our community informed and safe,” said Shannon Sims, Director of Animal Care Services. “Over the past year, ACS has worked diligently to increase the number of Animal Care Officers to improve the response time to critical calls. This Dangerous Dog Registry is part of ACS Strategic Plan that supports a safe community for residents in their neighborhoods.”

The interactive online registry of dangerous dogs comes after a recent Attorney General ruling that allows Animal Care Services to release information regarding the location’s dangerous dogs. 

The City’s ordinance mirrors State Law which currently defines a “dangerous dog” as an animal that makes an unprovoked attack outside the owner’s property that causes bodily injury or a dog that acts in such a way that a person reasonably believes would cause bodily injury should they get out of their yard. 

To report a dangerous dog, call 311 (210-207-6000) or visit If a dangerous dog is posing an immediate threat to life, please call 911.