About this Website

About this Website

Hi there! We're glad you landed on this page. Let’s talk about our new website, why it’s important and how you can be part of its success. It’s been a long time coming, but we’re glad we’re here together! Read on to learn more and share your feedback with us.

We're introducing a new, easy-to-use website focused on information and services to meet community needs. You'll be able to perform popular tasks related to topics like:

  • COVID-19
  • pets
  • jobs
  • permits
  • records
  • trash and more

Big Task but Worth It

To understand this kind of effort, let's give you some background information. The City has around 15,000 web pages across about 200 different sites. Website data revealed only 3% of our pages get a lot of visits and an additional 10% get an average amount. So what about the other 12,000+ web pages? Why do we have all these pages not many people visit? Good question!

We’re on a mission to ensure all our web pages are useful and valuable to you. By working in phases, we’ll be able to use your feedback to continue to improve SA.Gov as we go. You’ll be a part of the creation of a better website. Your voice is essential in this process.

We’ll review our current web pages and make sure we only move over what you need and how you need it. Our goal is to make information and services easier to find and easier to use.

Consider the site a “work in-progress.” It will only feature a few select services and information in the beginning. So you'll see old and new pages linking to each other.

Wish us luck, okay?

Easy to Use

If you got to this page from your mobile device, then you should already know the big win here. The site is now responsive and will adjust to your device of choice!

This new design will also allow everyone to find what they need quickly. And it's real easy to learn and use the site. We hope you agree. But again, your feedback is a key component in the success of this project and to make sure we build it right.

Our Guiding Principles

This project follows three principles: Trust, Quality and Inclusion (Access, Usable, Useful). It's based on an outside-in approach driven by data and user experience. Simply put, we’re listening to you and your perspective to help us make a site that works better for you.


We want you to know that, without a doubt, you are on a trusted City site and the content is credible and accurate. Ways to show you this is through our use of brand, colors, logos and domain names. Pages will also give you contact information if you have questions.


We’re making sure content is accurate and being actively reviewed. We’ll also be looking at things like spelling, working links, page load times and site availability.


This breaks down into three areas: Access, Usable and Useful. Together, they ensure our site strives to meet the needs of everyone in our community. Here’s what you can expect from those areas:

  • Access – the site is accessible anytime, anywhere for anyone while reducing barriers
  • Usable – easy to use, easy to find, easy to understand
  • Useful – created, organized, and made easy for you to find what you need quickly

What to Expect

During this initial phase, we are building the structure, testing the site and listening to you. Everything can't be completed at once. Rome wasn't built in a day, you know?

As time goes on, you'll see fewer links to the old site, more content on this site, and hopefully, an improved experience.