The City of San Antonio begins Cool Pavement Pilot Program

Published on April 26, 2023

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San Antonio (April 26, 2023) – This week, the City of San Antonio began installing Cool Pavement to sections of roadway in all 10 City Council Districts in an effort to fight rising temperatures in the hottest parts of San Antonio.

Cool Pavement is a water-based asphalt treatment that can reduce spikes in temperature by reflecting more sunlight and absorbing less heat.

The pilot program will cost approximately $1 Million and is funded by the City’s Resiliency, Energy Efficiency, and Sustainability Program Fund.

After the Cool Pavement is applied, the City will study the locations for six months and work with the University of Texas at San Antonio to evaluate its potential to reduce temperatures in the city's hottest parts and test its sustainability. This aligns with the City’s SA Climate Ready, Climate Action & Adaptation Plan adopted by City Council on October 17, 2019.

More information about the program can be found here.

The 10 project locations are listed below. An interactive map to see when and where the cool pavement will be applied around San Antonio weather-permitting can be viewed here.

Council District Week of Project Street From To


April 24th

Grant Ave.

Cincinnati Ave.

W. Craig Pl.


May 15th

Carol Crest

Kay Ann Dr.

Argonne Dr.


May 15th

Moursund Blvd.

Gillette Blvd.

Baetz Blvd.


May 1st

Rebeccas Trail

Stephens Ranch

Wolf Point


May 1st

Mountain Star

Stephens Ranch

Wolf Point


May 1st

SW. 21st St.

Saltillo Rd.

S. Laredo St.


May 15th

Spiral Creek

Ribbon Creek

Creek Ridge


May 10th

Madeleine Dr.

Princess Diane St.



May 1st

Clifton Forge St.

Big Meadows St.

Flint Hill St.


April 24th

Encino Ridge St.

Encino Loop

Cul de sac


April 24th

Park Farm

Park Bluff St.

Park Hollow


May 1st

Higgins Rd.

Buckwheat St.

Nacogdoches Rd.