District 7 Councilwoman Highlights Program Assisting Older Adults

Published on November 29, 2023

Council District 7 Ana E. Sandoval   

District 7 Councilwoman Highlights the City’s Program Aimed at Assisting Older Adults and Disabled Adults from Receiving Code Citations

SAN ANTONIO (November 29, 2023) — Today, District 7 Councilwoman Marina Alderete Gavito held a press conference to discuss the City’s program for assisting older adults from receiving code violations.

This past September, the San Antonio City Council included funding for a $100,000 Senior Assistance Pilot Program in the City’s annual budget. This measure was introduced by the District 7 Councilwoman and allocated $10,000 to each Council District in San Antonio to provide property assistance, instead of code violation fines, for older adults and disabled residents. 

“The intent of this pilot program is to ensure the City is preventing our most vulnerable populations from being fined for having tall grass or a fallen tree on their property, a process that can lead to hundreds of dollars in fines and visits to the Municipal Court,” said the Councilwoman. “We’ve all heard time and time again heartbreaking stories of our older adults and disabled residents not being able to maintain their yards and then being cited for it. I would like to minimize our vulnerable population receiving these types of code enforcement citations. This pilot program will finally be able to change the direction that we as a city take when it comes to interactions between code enforcement and our older adults and disabled adults.”