Celebrate Fiesta Responsibly and Sustainably

Published on April 25, 2023

City of San Antonio Sustainability Department  

SAN ANTONIO (April 25,2023) — The City of San Antonio's Office of Sustainability is encouraging residents to celebrate Fiesta responsibly and sustainably. The aim is to keep San Antonio beautiful, clean, and healthy for generations to come.
To help achieve this goal, the Office of Sustainability recommends the following tips for participating in the Fiesta celebrations around town:


When using confetti, choose biodegradable or flower confetti instead of metallic or plastic confetti, which can harm the river and wildlife. Make sure confetti cannons contain 100% biodegradable, water-soluble confetti, and recycle the cannon tubes.


Recycle empty bottles and cans in designated containers. If possible, use reusable containers to refill your favorite drink at events.
During Fiesta parades, keep an eye out for Solid Waste Management’s (SWM) inflatable mascots at Crockett Park, Madison Square Park, Brooklyn Street bleachers, and the Torch of Friendship Sculpture. Once you locate a SWM inflatable mascot, follow these steps to redeem a Fiesta medal:

  • Pick up a brown paper bag and a plastic trash bag.
  • Fill the brown bag with as many empty bottles and cans as you can. Place everything else in the trash bag. Plastic trash bags go in brown carts along the parade route or near the street for pickup.
  • Return the full paper bag to redeem the Fiesta medal.


Consider using alternative methods of transportation to get around town while exploring Fiesta festivities, such as cycling, walking, ridesharing, carpooling, or riding the bus. For more information on VIA Metropolitan Transit bus services, visit VIAInfo.net.


Place trash in designated containers. The San Antonio River is one of San Antonio's greatest treasures, help keep it clean and healthy for everyone to enjoy. Don't let litter trash your river.


Fiesta events that have been certified as Green have committed to reducing waste and increasing recycling, using less energy, promoting alternative transportation, raising awareness, or increasing funding for local nonprofits, and providing more sustainable food options. The following Fiesta events have been certified as Green in 2023:

  • Fiesta Pooch Parade
  • Chanclas y Cervezas
  • St. Phillip's College CultureFest and Rib Cook-Off
  • Battle of Flowers (Recipient of the highest certification level, Verde)
  • United Way's Kids Festival
  • Texas Cavaliers River Parade
  • King William Fair
  • Fiesta de los Spurs Run
  • PACfest
  • Mission Reach Flotilla Fest
  • Earth Day at Woodlawn Lake Park
  • Pinatas in the Barrio
  • Fiesta FitFest