San Antonio has more than $6 billion in infrastructure needs. To fill this gap, the City is always improving its streets, bridges, alleys, sidewalks and drainage. These projects protect the safety of drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and residents.

This requires construction that can be inconvenient for the public. To ease the pain of progress, the City promises to work with you while we build for you.

We will focus on four principles: transparency, support, accountability and innovation.


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Project Dashboards

The Project Dashboards show bond projects in San Antonio. They also include information on drainage, streets, sidewalks and alleys. The dashboards show the project’s location, completion date, cost and contact person for any inquiries. They also offer a link to important construction updates. The dashboard projects include:

  • 2017 and 2022 Bond Program projects
  • Street maintenance, rehabilitation and reconstruction
  • Sidewalk repairs and filling of gaps
  • Stormwater drainage that alleviates street and property flooding
  • Service alleys used by Solid Waste Management and utility companies
Project Pages
Each project in the 2022-2027 bond program will have a page on SASpeakUp. Please reference the list of active projects and go to the project's SASpeakUp page. There, you can find construction updates and contact information. The page also has a toolkit for business owners and an option to sign up for email updates.
Timeline Updates

Construction projects are always in flux. When circumstances change, completion dates can change, too. The City wants to keep the public informed about project delays and extensions. We will use the following tools to keep everyone updated on project progress:

  • Project Dashboards
  • SASpeakUp
  • public meetings
  • emails, direct contact and other means of communication


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Construction Toolkit
Small business owners in construction areas can use the Construction Toolkit (PDF). It provides a list of programs and partners to assist you. It also includes a preparation checklist, a timeline of what to expect and opportunities for public input.
The City will install detour signs to show a safe route around construction and to businesses. The City will put up signs saying "Open to Local Business" on bond projects that affect businesses. We will make sure there is always at least one way to get to your business while construction is happening. Other options include banners, scrims and message boards on request.
Project Contacts

The Capital Projects Officer (CPO) assigned to the project in your area is your primary contact. To find the contact information for your CPO, please reference the list of active projects and go to the project's SASpeakUp page. It is also available in the Project Dashboards.

If you are a business owner, we can help you find resources. Email our Business Outreach Specialists or call 210-207-3922 for assistance.


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The City won't hire contractors who haven't followed project rules or have low City scores. When contractors don't finish projects on time, the City will charge them for damages.
City Staff
Contractors will score City staff on their responsiveness and related project management. These scores may impact staff performance reviews.


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Talkin’ Broadway Prototype
The City is trying out a new way to talk to people on Lower Broadway. We're using QR codes to start conversations about the 2017 bond project. Users can learn about the project and find places to eat and shop on Broadway by using a chatbot. The City will assess the pilot to see if the tool would prove useful in other projects. Learn more about Talkin' Broadway.
Onsite QR Codes
The City will require contractors to put up COSA signs with QR codes at all 2022 bond project sites. These signs will help people receive project information and construction updates.
Road Closures in WAZE
The City is always updating road closures and detours in the WAZE app. The app works with Google Maps.