What Heat? There's Always a Reason to Enjoy San Antonio's Outdoors!

Published on July 01, 2022

Children chatting at an event. It’s so hot, Texas cows are giving evaporated milk. That’s my dad joke. But, let’s face it: we’re seeing record heat and yet, we still want to bike, walk, and enjoy summer in San Antonio. As bicyclists and pedestrians, we must take precautions from our beautiful park trailways to downtown’s streets, ensuring we safely enjoy the outdoors. Check out our list before you venture out.

Make Eye Contact with Other Road Users

When walking, make sure the person driving an automobile sees you! Give them a friendly wave to let them know you are crossing and make eye contact to help the driver visualize that you are safely in the right of way in the crosswalk.

Keep Moving

Make sure you don’t stand or park in the bike lane, as it is still a traveling lane.

Your Phone Call and Text Can Wait

Whether driving, walking, or bicycling, be aware of your surroundings and prevent distracted travel by keeping your head up, your phone safely tucked away, and your mind focused on negotiating traffic. Avoid activities that take away your concentration. Look up!

Wear the Proper Gear

Even when riding the trails on your bike, it is recommended you wear a helmet to protect your noggin from injury. A collision can happen anywhere, whether from taking a wrong turn, getting hit by a vehicle, or even striking another person. Bright colors make a difference, too.

Stay Hydrated

Carry water or find a nearby store or business that can help you refill your water bottle or provide refreshments for relief. The library is a great resource where you can take a break, chill, and explore.

Avoid Road Glare

Sunset to sunrise, be on the lookout for blinding times of days when it may be difficult for drivers to see pedestrians crossing or any oncoming traffic because of the sun in their eyes.

Adopt Sun Protection Habits

Use sunscreen, hats, and various light-colored clothing options (many with built-in SPF) to keep your body cool and protected.

At Vision Zero SA, we want all user to have fun in the sun! Stay attentive, and “arrive alive” to all your summer destinations. Have a great summer! Oh, and take our transportation survey – we’d love to get your input on building a bike and pedestrian network in San Antonio!