Applicant to Candidate Phase

A candidate uses a sledgehammer during the Forcible Entry CPAT event.

The second phase to becoming a firefighter is the candidate phase, which consists of tests and assessments:

Once you who pass phase 2, your file will be submitted to the City Manager for final consideration and selection. If selected, you will receive a notification of when to report to the San Antonio Fire Academy for your ergometrics test.

Physical Fitness

After passing the CPAT, you should continue to maintain and improve your physical fitness level. It is important to note that cardiovascular fitness is foundational.

The Cadet Fitness Cover Letter and the Cadet Fitness Program outline the SAFD Cadet Physical Training Program. Keep in mind that these documents indicate the minimum fitness level a Candidate should be at upon entry to the academy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What activities are on the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT)?

The CPAT is made up of eight separate events that are meant to simulate the strenuous, physical activities a Firefighter would have to do when responding to a fire. The CPAT is a timed, pass/fail test. More information about the CPAT.

How soon is the CPAT after the written exam?

The CPAT can be given anywhere between eight weeks to one year following the written exam.

If appointed for the San Antonio Fire Academy, do I have to pay for the training?

No. The training will be provided by the San Antonio Fire Department at no charge. In fact, once you begin training you will be paid a salary. More information about Firefighter Wages & Benefits.

What if I'm still in the military and my discharge date isn't until after the cadet school begins?

The San Antonio Fire Department will offer you a position in the cadet class. If you are unable to accept, your name will be dropped from consideration. However, the military may offer an early out program that you might want to consider.