Request a Birth Certificate

Birth certificates can be obtained from the Office of the City Clerk in person or by mail. You may also obtain them online through our partnership with VitalChek.

Types of Birth Certificates

Long Form

Available for births within Bexar County. Accepted for all purposes including immigration and passports. Search Vital Records Index to see if we have your record.

State Abstract

Available for births in Texas after 1925. Not acceptable for genealogy, immigration or passports.

Born Outside of Bexar County

For information on how to get the long form, contact your county of birth or the Texas Department of State Health & Human Services (DSHS) Vital Statistics Unit at 1-888-963-7111.

NOTE: If you order records through DSHS or another city or county, we will not have access to your order information and cannot provide status updates.


All original documents proving qualified applicant status must be presented when receiving services, copies or photos of required documents are not accepted. 

Proof of Identity

Each applicant must present a valid form of identification along with their application.

Accepted Forms of Identification

Qualified Applicants

Birth certificates are confidential records with restricted access until 75 years after the file date.

Restricted access birth certificates can only be issued to qualified applicants.  Proof of relationship or legal interest must be presented for requests by the following:


Parent’s name must be listed on birth certificate.

  • Must prove relationship to the grandchild with a certified birth certificate of the mother/father of the child.
  • Related parent must be listed on requested birth certificate.

Certified marriage license


Certified birth certificate with parent in question listed


Certified birth certificate demonstrating at least one parent in common with sibling

Legal Guardian

Certified court order showing legal custody ("managing conservatorship")

  • Bar Card
  • Certified copy of a court issued document explicitly demonstrating need for the record


Item Fee Details
Birth Certificate (Bexar County only) $23 Fee per certificate for person born in Bexar County.
Birth Certificate Search Fee $23 Fee charged to search for a birth certificate that is either not found or not purchased.
Standard Certified Mail with Return Receipt $14.50 Fee for USPS mail with tracking.

In Person

Step 1.Processing Requirements

  • Applicants must provide a valid ID.
  • Payment for fees must be made payable to the City of San Antonio in the exact amount. Accepted forms of payment include:
    • Cash
    • Credit
    • Debit
    • Check
    • Money Order

Step 2.Visit Our Office

Free parking is available in the front and rear of building and the facility is ADA accessible.


George Whitfield, Jr.
Municipal Archives & Records Center
719 S. Santa Rosa
San Antonio, TX 78204


Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
4th Tuesday of the month: 10 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Closed on City holidays.

NOTE: We may close registration earlier if demand and customer wait time is beyond the capacity to provide services for the day.

By Mail

Step 1.Processing Requirements

  • The application must be notarized.
  • Applicants must provide a copy of their valid ID.
  • Payment for fees must be made payable to the City of San Antonio in the exact amount. Accepted forms of payment include:
    • Check
    • Money Order

NOTE: Incomplete applications and applications submitted with an incorrect payment amount will not be processed.

Step 2.Complete the Application

Download and complete the application. The cost for a birth certificate by mail will include shipping.

Birth Certificate Application(PDF, 306KB)

Step 3.Mail Your Application

Mail your notarized application, copy of your ID, and payment to:

Office of the City Clerk
Vital Records Division
719 S. Santa Rosa
San Antonio, TX 78204


Step 1.Request Online

The Office of the City Clerk does not directly service online requests at this time.  

VitalChek, an independent company, accepts online orders for birth and death records. VitalChek can be reached online or by phone at 1-800-255-2414

Step 2.Fees

VitalChek charges shipping and handling fees in addition to the cost of the record. 

All major credit cards are accepted. 

The Office of the City Clerk does not handle online payments and cannot help with refunds or disputes.

NOTE: You must follow VitalChek’s emailed instructions completely and you must verify your identity within 7 days after receiving your VitalChek confirmation email.  If you do not:

  • Your order request will automatically be canceled.
  • VitalChek's processing fee will still be charged to your credit card.