Home Repair & Lead Remediation

NOTE: The Under 1 Roof application is now open to assist homeowner with roof shingle replacement. The application will remain open until all funding is exhausted.

Green and Healthy Homes applications are accepted year-round to assist homes older than 1978 with lead based paint hazards.

Home rehab programs are offered to residents with low-to-moderate income. Repairs through our programs aim to address health, safety, code and/or accessibility issues that homeowners may be experiencing.

Applicants that applied during the open period October – November 2023 will be mailed a status letter between February 16, 2024 - February 20, 2024. Please allow through the end of February to receive your status letter before calling for an update.


Step 1.Types of Assistance

Our rehab programs can assist with home repairs such as:

  • Electrical / Plumbing / Heating + Cooling
  • Foundation/Structural
  • Roof Shingle Replacement
  • Water Heater
  • Windows and Doors

Step 2.Eligibility Requirements

  • Reside in a single-family, detached home within the city of San Antonio
  • Applicants must establish home ownership interest
  • Income limitation of 80% or below of Area Median Income
  • Have a clear property title – lien issues and/or judgments with a combined total less than $5,000 eligible
  • Have an active Homestead Exemption with Bexar County Appraisal District
  • Major Rehab projects require homeowner to be current on property tax payments.
  • Reverse mortgages not eligible
  • Proof of Homeowner/Fire Insurance

Step 3.Apply

Applications are currently open for the Under 1 Roof Program. Applications will only be accepted online.

NOTE: Google Chrome is the preferred browser to complete this application.

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Upcoming Rehab Opportunities

At this time, we are not accepting application for major rehab or minor rehab.

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Area Median Income (AMI)


Percentage 1 Person 2 Person 3 Person 4 Person 5 Person 6 Person 7 Person 8 Person
 30% $18,450 $21,100 $23,750  $26,350  $28,500 $30,600  $32,700 $34,800
 50% $30,750 $35,150 $39,550 $43,900 $47,450 $50,950 $54,450 $57,950
 60% $36,900 $42,180 $47,460 $52,680 $56,940 $61,140 $65,340 $69,540
 80% $49,150 $56,200 $63,200 $70,200 $75,850 $81,450 $87,050 $92,700
 120% $73,750 $84,300 $94,800 $105,350 $113,800 $122,200 $130,650 $139,100

*AMI limits are updated annually by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Program Terms and Conditions

Minor Repair

This program addresses health and safety items such as plumbing, electrical, non-working utilities, broken windows, damaged doors or other items in need of repair. The assistance is provided in the form of a grant not to exceed $25,000 and a Restrictive Covenant with a term of 5-years is recorded. The grant is forgiven based on the invested project amount, with an equal amount over the covenant term.

This amount will not include environmental, lead remediation and administrative soft costs necessary to engage the applicant and property. If a home is vacated or leased during the term of the grant, the outstanding balance is due immediately and payable in full with interest.

Major Repair

This program assists qualified homeowners with low to moderate income rehabilitate their properties by providing deferred forgivable loans to cover the cost of the needed repairs. These repairs focus on health and safety, accessibility, and major system concerns.

Assistance is a deferred forgivable loan to homeowner for which repayment is not required as long as the homeowner resides in the home, and a percentage forgiven annually based on the invested amount and length of term.

Amount of Assistance/Invested Amount Length of Term
$5,001 to $50,000 10 years
Over $50,001 15 years
Reconstruction 20 years

Additional terms and conditions apply to program eligibility and requirements:

  • If property is vacated, leased, or sold during the contract period: balance becomes due & payable to the City with interest;
  • Site Inspection will determine the amount of assistance needed and repair costs;
  • Lien: Deed of Trust and Restrictive Covenant will be recorded at the Bexar County Clerk’s Office;
  • Homeowner’s property insurance must be maintained throughout the entire contract period;
  • Homeowner will be required to move out prior to the start of rehabilitation for 3-6 months;
  • Homeowner is responsible for moving and temporary housing living expense;
  • Property taxes and homeowner’s insurance must be maintained for the entire contract period;
  • Flood Insurance required if property is located in a flood zone; and
  • Contract period is determined by rehabilitation amount invested into the property.

Under 1 Roof

The Under 1 Roof Program assists homeowner with replacement of worn and damaged shingles with new, energy-efficient white shingle roofs and solar underlayment proven to improve energy efficiency. Roof shingle replacement is limited to the primary house on the property. Roofing on detached structures will not be replaced (no detached garages, car ports, sheds, etc.).

The program provides a one-time grant and the City of San Antonio will place a restrictive covenant on the property requiring homeowners to maintain ownership and occupancy for five years after project completion.

Homes larger than 1,700 sq. ft. are subject to approval based on cost assessment and needs of the home. Metal roofs, gravel roofs, clay tiles and wood shingles are cost prohibitive and will be subject to review of current condition and costs to determine eligibility.

If insured, homeowner must not have received insurance payout for full roof replacement claims in the last five years. Claim documentation must be submitted. Neighborhood & Housing Services (NHSD) staff will review insurance claim history from the last five years to confirm eligibility.