Amusement & Coin Operated Machines

All coin-operated amusement machines are required to display an Occupational Tax Decal. If you place a machine without first paying the fees and displaying a decal, it will be sealed and/or a citation will be issued.



The tax is $15 for each machine and is valid from June 1 - May 31 of the following year. The tax is prorated to $7.50 for machines placed in service from December 1 - May 31.

The full $15 tax is required for all sealed machines, regardless of the date the tax is paid. Additionally, a $5 sealing fee will be charged for each machine sealed.


The following guidelines must be followed:

  • If placed, a seal may not be broken by anyone other than a City Investigator. There is a $500 fee for breaking a seal or allowing it to be broken.
  • Machines may be sealed for decals that have been torn, removed, or otherwise invalidated for those decals not affixed to the machine. A machine may also be sealed if the decal is not displayed in a conspicuous location on the machine. Tape or other non-permanent methods may not be used to attach a decal.
  • The owner of the machine is responsible for replacing any decals that have been removed or defaced at the regular price. The City of San Antonio does not sell a replacement decal at a reduced price.
  • There is no grace period for the payment of the occupational tax. All machines must have a decal permanently affixed prior to placing the machine in a location available for use by the public or employees.
  • All machines displaying a State of Texas Amusement Machine license are required to have a City of San Antonio decal attached.
  • Coin decal reminders are not mailed. Owners and operators are responsible for paying the appropriate fees by the due date. 

Make a Payment


To pay via mail, please send your payment to:

City of San Antonio - Collections Division
P.O. Box 839975
San Antonio, TX 78283


To pay in person, visit:

City Tower
100 W. Houston St.
San Antonio, TX 78205

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Guidelines and Rules for coin machines?

All coin-operated amusement machines located in San Antonio are required to display an Occupational Tax Decal issued by the City of San Antonio. The tax is $15 for each machine, and the decal is valid from June 1 - May 31 of the following year.

What is the contact information & hours of operation for the Finance Dept for Amusement Machine Licenses?

The collection of Amusement Machine permit fees is handled by Finance's Compliance and Resolution Division, which can be reached at 210-207-8660. The mailing address is:

Finance Department
P.O. Box 839975
San Antonio, TX 78283

Where can I call for an Amusement Machine Inspector?

For an Amusement Machine Inspector, you may contact the Finance Department at 210-207-8660.