Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How do notifications in the app work?

Turn on notifications to receive updates regarding your flag requests, as well as shares/votes from your followers.

How can I update my profile?

You can update your profile by selecting the pinwheel in the upper right corner in the Profile section of the app.

You can update your photo through the settings, see your followers, review those you are following as well as review your badges and points earned through the app.

What other resources are available through the app?

You can access quick links by selecting the setting pinwheel in the upper right corner in the Profile screen. City resources include websites for various city services including finding your council member.

How do I provide feedback for the app?

You can provide feedback for the app by going to your profile and selecting the pinwheel in the upper right corner. Report a Problem will provide an email prompt to submit general comments. You can also email 311 Customer Service.

App Features

Do you allow anonymous use of the 311SA Mobile App?

Yes, citizens are encouraged to become active in their community. Anonymous submittal of flags is allowed so as not to deter the opportunity for residents to utilize the platform.

How do I submit a service request not available through the app?

For service request types not found in the app, an email can be sent to 311 Customer Service through the Profile pinwheel settings Report A Problem option.

You can also call 3-1-1 during normal business hours seven days a week.

What does Case progress mean?

Each service request (case) includes a workflow applicable to the request. Once the request is completed, the request will be closed and the notation of Work Complete will be documented.

What do the updates mean?

Updates are notes to advise the requester of actions taken to address the concern. These notes are documented by the department. For question regarding notes, please feel free to contact 311 Customer Service seven days a week by calling 3-1-1 or 210-207-6000.

What is the different between 311 App and 311 Call tabs in your profile on the mobile app?

The 311 App tab provides the listing of flags created through the mobile app. The 311 Call tab allows the user to view their pending flags (service requests) called in to 3-1-1. The user is able to track requests that have been made directly to the 311 Call Center through the convenience of the user’s profile in the mobile app.

What is the Community Leaderboard?

The Community Leaderboard lists those users on the leaderboard with their respective user name and points. Your points are listed along with your current badge level. You can also track the points of your friends that you are following in the mobile app. Search for your friends and start following them!

How does the reward system work?

Users will be rewarded points and badges based on their level of engagement. The more requests that are submitted and resolved, the more a user earns points and recognition on the Community Leaderboard. Points are awarded for submitting issues, voting on requests as well as sharing them on social media.

Can you block/unblock users from personal feed?

Users can block and unblock other users' activity so that it does not appear in your urban feed. To manage the list of blocked users, go to your profile section and click on the settings icon.

Can you delete your account?

Users can delete the 311SA app account from your phone by accessing the settings section in your profile.


How can I get more information regarding actions taken to address my flag?

Users are able to get the status by opening up each flag and scrolling below the map. The Case Progress provides the steps to address the service request, along with standardized notes to indicate actions and updates completed to address the request.

For more information on the flag, email 311 Customer Service.

Do I need to create a 311SA Mobile App account in order to submit a flag request?

You do not need an account in order to submit a request. However, you are required to sign in if you want to use the mobile app with your social media accounts (Facebook or X).

How can I view/check the status of my flags (requests)?

Go to your Profile where your flags are listed with a case status (Pending, Open, or Closed).

  • Pending indicates the request is being submitted to the City of San Antonio.
  • Open indicates the case has been received by the City of San Antonio and is under review.
  • Closed indicates the request was investigated and completed to the extent possible by the City of San Antonio.
How many flag requests can I submit at once?

Citizens can only submit one flag request at a time. However, there is no limit to the number of requests a citizen can submit on a daily basis.

Who can I contact if I have questions about my flag and want additional information?

You can contact the City of San Antonio 311 Customer Office by calling 3-1-1, 210-207-6000 or by emailing 311 Customer Service

Hours of operations are Monday - Friday from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. and Saturday - Sunday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m..

You can also go to Settings in Profile and contact 311 Customer Service through the Report A Problem link in Support section.

How do I follow flags submitted by others?

Flag requests submitted by the users will be listed in the home screen, based on your Friends or Near Me selection.

If you are new to the app, you can follow individuals in the Community. You can also view requests for those concerns that may be near you, based on your location. You must follow users in order for their flags to be displayed with the Friends selection. You can search for other users through the Community section.

Can I see open flags created by other users in a map view?

From the Home screen, select the map pin icon on the upper left corner and a map will populate with blue and green flags.

  • Blue flags denote closed cases, which have been investigated and closed within the last seven days.
  • Green flags denote open service requests submitted to 311 on or after February 1, 2018 and under investigation.

These flags include all service requests submitted through the mobile app, the 311 web portal, or by calling 3-1-1.

How can I vote or share on mobile app flags?

Voting or sharing of flag requests can be made by opening up the flag detail of any flag accessible through the Home, Map, and Community views in the app.

How do I know if my flag request gets completed?

You can monitor in real time concerns submitted to the City of San Antonio 311 Customer Service. The city will address the issues depending on the type, priority level, and resources available. Your specific requests can be tracked in Your Profile and you can also monitor the progress of other requests from the Home and Map screens within the app.

Why would my flag be rejected?

A Flag will be rejected if it is not located within the City limits of San Antonio. This mobile app support services provided by the City of San Antonio.


Can I view my reports created from a call I made to 311?

Users can view their 311 reports in their profiles, if the contact information was left when the report was made. Users will be able to retrieve the flag information consistent with mobile app flags. 

For more information on the flag, email 311 Customer Service.

What kind of reports am I able to submit through the mobile app?

The mobile app includes 63 different services request types that can be submitted to the various city departments. This includes graffiti, potholes, overgrown yards, solid waste collection, etc.

To view the full list services, visit our 311 Services page.

Social Media

What is the social network in the app?

The social network allows the opportunity for you to vote/share your flags submitted through the app. You can share flag requests on X and Facebook. You can also follow friends and family, be aware of their concerns, and support them by voting on their requests for city services.

Can I sign in using my X or Facebook account?

Yes, you can sign on by using your Facebook, X, or Email information. You also have the option to use your email address to receive status updates about your flag request.

You are not required to use your legal name and you can be anonymous when reporting issues. To do so, select anonymous through the submittal process.